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Commissions Information


I can create a custom collage for any company or organization. Below are a few examples of uses for my art.

Please fill out the form at the bottom for this page for inquiries!

Record Player

Album Covers

I can create a surreal piece of art that represents your music or podcast. Just tell me what themes or elements you want to be included, and I'll make it come to life in collage form.

Graphic Shapes

Social Media Marketing

I can create a piece of art that will be used on your brand's social media platforms to draw attention to your company and its products or services.

Branded Hat

Rebranding and Merch Designs

I can create an eye-catching piece of art for your company's rebranding or merchandise such as brochures and t-shirts. 

Previous Work Experiences

I was commissioned to create this piece for a coffee chain's rebranding.

The client requested a collage to match their slogan in a vintage style.

I was commissioned to create this collage with different depictions of the goddess Venus

The client requested a dreamy collage of paintings and statues of Venus with a light and golden color scheme

Venus_Collage (1).png
The commission process with Surrealism Prints is as follows:

1) Fill out the form below to request an initial meeting

2) We will virtually meet and discuss your project and expectations

3) We both sign a contract stating the terms of the agreement and the pay rate

4) 25% of the agreed upon payment is due upfront

5) I will create the initial collages based on the specific project

6) I will continue to edit or remake the collage until the client is 100% satisfied**

7) I will send an invoice immediately following the completion of the project

**More than 3 major edits or a complete change in design concept will be subject to a pricing increase that will be indicated before the edits take place

Pricing starts at $300 per Collage and is subject to increase depending on the complexity.

After hearing about your specifications from the initial meeting,

I will send the final price before the design process begins

*25% of the agreed upon payment is required before the design process takes place

Collage Package

  • II create an initial collage based on your requirements and specifications

  • 2 rounds of free edits based on your feedback

  • Any additional edits or if you want to completely change the overall concept will be subject to a price increase

I am proficient in Adobe After Effects and can animate elements of the collage at an additional cost.


Request a Virtual Meeting

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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